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CO2 is a colourless, odourless, dry, inert gas and is a naturally occurring gas. After extinguishing a fire it vapourises fully leaving no residue. There is no mess, nothing to clear up, no water damage. It is non corrosive and will not contaminate foodstuffs. It is non-conductive and so can be used on electrical equipment. It is safely used to protect delicate electrical equipment, antiquities or archive materials.

With the versatility of electrical, pneumatic or mechanical actuation, CO2 systems can be designed to suit any fire hazard, which is why it has been successfully used in a variety of applications including Transformer stations, Paint spray booths, flammable liquid storage areas, Printing presses and other process machinery, Floor voids, Turbines and generators as well as numerous marine applications. CO2 is not advisable in manned areas as it is toxic at the concentrations required to extinguish fire.

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas and a standard commercial product with many other uses and it is readily available throughout the world. It can be obtained cheaply and this is an important consideration when frequent recharging of storage containers is necessary.

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CO2 Fire Systems
CO2 Fire Systems
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