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Today's society lives and works with poisonous and flammable gases and vapours day in and day out. Gas is an economical, functional and comfortable commodity, but one which can become and dangerous if it gets out of control. We can provide a range of compact gas monitoring systems for industrial and domestic application covering detection of Combustible, Toxic and Inert gases as well as Oxygen monitoring systems.

Typical Gas Detection Applications :


Deficiency: areas subject to oxidation, combustion, bacterial growth; oxygen displacement by another gas or purge gases, basements gas cylinder storage areas

Carbon Monoxide

Enclosed car parks; coke ovens; blast furnaces; fossil fuel powered and heat generators.


Mines; spring water; petroleum processing and refining; tunnelling. sewers; shipping; wood pulp manufacture; areas where organic matter is decomposing and waste water treatment plants

Sulphur Dioxide

Smelting; paper production; power generation; water.

Nitrogen Dioxide

Diesel generators; waste incinerators; chemical processing e.g., fertilizers and explosives.

Carbon Dioxide

Fermentation processes, Chemical industry and textile processes.Fire suppression systems


Water treatment; swimming pools; chlorine storage areas; paper industry.

Hydro Carbons

Oil & gas processing plants, gas utilities, chemical & petrochemical industries, sewage treatment works, landfill plants, boiler rooms etc.  

Gas Detection Systems

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Gas Detection Systems
Gas Detection Systems
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