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The Chalis water mist system is a high-pressure system that operates between 70 bars and 200 bars, producing a fine mist averaging less than 50 microns in diameter. All of the energy is dissipated at the nozzle to produce the mist, so that the exit pressure is safe to touch. They can be used in traditional applications for fixed gas extinguishing systems whereby problems exist such as room integrity (e.g. transformer rooms) or extract (e.g. computer rooms).

Water mist extinguishes the fire by a combination of processes:
Cooling due to the high heat capacity of water Maximisation of cooling through the generation of large numbers of droplets that produces a large surface area Cooling through the latent heat of vaporisation as the mist turns to steam Smothering of the flame front Attenuation of heat radiation preventing flame spread

There are two types of system configuration dependent of system run time, nozzle quantity and flow rates.

The water can be contained in cylinders that are pressurised by dry nitrogen. (The cylinders are lined to prevent corrosion and ingress of particulate into the pipe work).

The nitrogen cylinder can be activated by a metron, electric solenoid or a pilot cylinder. Or the water can be stored in a break tank and feed into the risk by a high-pressure piston pump. Both types of system can be configured dry or wet, analogous to sprinkler systems.

Pump systems have the benefit that an almost unlimited supply of water is potentially available, where a cylinder system has finite reserves. The pump system consists of a break tank, piston pump and manifold. On wet systems, a nominal pressure of 20 bars is maintained. Upon release of an automatic nozzle, the pressure drop activates the pump. On dry systems activation is normally electric signalled from the fire alarm panel.



water Mist Systems

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Water Mist Systems
Water Mist Systems
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